Grand X-Ray is committed to investing in the education of our skilled service technicians.  With our expert staff, we can continue to provide exceptional service of equipment reducing costly 
down-time. We have a group of 23 service and support staff. throughout Michigan that are trained and ready to provide the best service after the sale. 

Design & Implementation

We're experts at making sure you have a system that meets your needs. We can design your x-ray room, show you how you can best utilize your current available space or help you select a system that meets your budgetary considerations. We can also brief you on the latest equipment relating to your specific requirements, redesign or relocate your existing x-ray equipment and handle all the planning that takes place before you begin operation, including blueprints and electrical and plumbing specifications or alterations. 



For assistance with parts/repair please contact Kim Sutherland at 616.459.0145 (800.632.9546)
or email:

Digital Imaging Integration

We can assist with the design or implementation of a network to accomodate new digital x-ray equipment and accessories. We also partner with trained Network Engineers that can assist you with your most difficult network challenges.  Do you have current documentation and diagrams for your network?  We can provide you with a Basic Network Diagram, Flowcharts, Workflow Diagrams, IT Inventory Diagrams even project timelines. 




Recycling is an important part of doing business today.   
  We work with a resource that can process Dryview®, Drystar®, DryPro®, type films at 100% levels, and completely recycle the silver and plastic back into useful markets.  They have been recycling for over 30 years and are HIPPA compliant.

We're concerned about your image.

Preventive Maintenance
can help you avoid this!